About CORE

CORE Adventure Group Values

CORE Adventure Group is dedicated to Community, Outreach, Relationships, and Environment.  We are passionate about using the outdoors for cognitive and emotional growth.

CORE Adventure Group’s Story

Born in their imaginations before they met, CORE Adventure Group manifests the combined passions of both Norm and Skye. Beginning in their respective youths and extending through later life, they independently learned to cherish the natural world. They found meaning within and learned lessons from the beaches they walked, the forests they wandered, the mountains that stood solid beneath their feet, and the streams that connect the uplands to the estuaries as well as provide us with bountiful water and food.

Later, as adults, the very real and practical lessons of the natural world gave way to metaphorical lessons, so Skye and Norm both learned to use the outdoors as a way of learning about the world. They learned how to stay grounded, both literally and metaphorically; they learned to stay connected to those things that seem real and unchanging, but also to connect with ideas, people, and places that seemed more abstract or distant. Thus, the hills on mountain trails became both physical struggles and metaphor for life’s struggles; the wind helped push but also resisted their movement in physical reality and metaphorically throughout life. Seasons took on deeper meaning in addition to the practical demands they place on us, and the relationships between organisms instructed them about relationships between people.

These lessons were hard-won and took years to accumulate, and most were not realized until months or even years had passed.

Thus it was that, after Skye and Norm met, they began to understand what they learned in the past had transformed into a toolbox full of coping devices, leadership methods, management techniques, and relationship skills ready to share with the world. So, drawing off their experiences, they began to build their vision for CORE.

CORE Adventure Group struggled at first. Initially conceived as an environmental education and ecotourism firm based in Dahlonega, GA and starved for proper attention, it floundered in a region where tourism dollars are scarce. But, as Skye neared completion of her license and Norm’s departure from academia became more comfortable, CORE took on new life.

Today, CORE Adventure Group is a little bit of everything that Norm and Skye have learned to love. It’s an expression of their passions, both individually and together. It’s about growing and connecting and unplugging and recharging.



Growing. Learning. Loving. Forgiving. Healing….

We strive each day to leave the world a little better place than we found it when we woke in the morning. We want to grow. We want to be better people, better partners, better humans.

Come experience the world with us. Grow from the inside outside with CORE Adventure Group.

The CORE Adventure Group Team

CORE Adventure Group CFO Skye McIntyreSkye Mcintyre, Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Skye is a clinical mental health counselor with a passion for helping people grow into the best version of themselves. She employs a variety of therapeutic approaches in her practice and enjoys the challenge of finding the method best suited to each client.

Prior to earning her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Georgia, Skye worked with oppositional-defiant youth at Ridge Creek, where she discovered her passion for Adventure Based Counseling.

Skye enjoys spending time with her children, visiting with friends and family, gardening, and outdoor activities when she’s not at work. That said, she also loves her career and enjoys seeing her clients grow.

In addition to her work with CORE Adventure Group, Skye also maintains a counseling practice in Dahlonega, GA. Her practice, called SkyeHelps, includes office-based counseling for individuals, couples therapy, family therapy, parenting classes/coaching, divorce coaching, and mediation.

CORE Adventure Group CEO Norm LeonardNORM Leonard, Ph.d., Conservation Biologist.

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Norm is a conservation biologist who taught college-level biology for 15 years before he left the academic world to better pursue his passion for boots-on-the-ground conservation. His favorite concept is what he calls “the third side of the conservation triangle,” which he explains as “helping connect people to the places they live, work, and play.” Norm believes that people save what they love and it’s their emotional attachment to the world that inspires them to understand and protect it. Thus, in addition to the amazing research and brilliant policy work being done by the conservation community, he thinks it’s necessary to emphasize the importance of individuals in conservation planning.

Norm’s role in CORE is two-fold. First, he brings a passion for the natural world that bridges the science with the human component. This love of nature inspires him to develop and lead programs that are truly unique. Second, as the owner and operator of CORE’s sister company, Kingfisher Paddleventures, Norm provides logistical support for CORE’s outdoor activities.

When Norm isn’t working on his projects with CORE and Kingfisher, he enjoys spending time with his family, flirting with Skye, gardening, photography, physical fitness, and jiu-jitsu.