Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What Type Of Clients Do You Accept?

Answer: Since we offer many products, there is no particular “type” of client that CORE helps more than others. We serve anyone who asks us for help and has needs that we are capable of addressing.

Our conference and team building services usually attract corporate clients, churches, scouting groups, educational groups, and travel clubs.

Our private counseling services are appropriate for individuals, couples, or families that need help with issues that you would take to any counselor: dealing with divorce, raising children, living with your spouse, strengthening your family, learning to communicate, dealing with depression or anxiety, addressing PTSD, etc. Counseling and therapy for these and other concerns may take place in a traditional office-based setting or outdoors. If you already work with a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other professional, then we work with that person to maintain therapeutic continuity.

Our adventure based counseling (ABC) services are appropriate for individuals, couples, families, and small groups. ABC is compatible with nearly every therapeutic approach, and it can be applied to a long list of counseling scenarios.

We also work with institutions to help them integrate ABC into their programs. We enjoy working with long-term care facilities and residential facilities. CORE can provide ABC as an ongoing service, or we can train your staff to run ABC programs in-house.

Dr. Leonard answers a question
Dr. Leonard answers a question from a group of paddlers on a misty day at the beach


Question: Do You Accept Insurance?

Answer: No, we only accept private pay clients.

Question: What Does “CORE” Mean?

Answer: The acronym “CORE” means something different to each client.

CORE Adventure Group understands that no two clients are identical, and they each come to us with unique experiences and skill sets. So we work with each client to find the approach that works best for them. Starting with the question, “What does CORE mean?” and progressing through the therapeutic process, we tailor our services to the needs of each client.

What does CORE stand for, anyway? Well, that depends on who you are, but here are some ideas:

Our two favorite answers, and the ones you’ll see throughout our literature, are:

“Cultivating Our Relationships and Experiences” and “Community, Outreach, Relationships, and Environment”

But other answers abound. Some other ideas are listed below. What are yours?

C – Connections, Communication, Caring, Compassion

O – Outward, Outside

R – Relationships/Relating, Reassuring, Responding, Responsibility

E – Education, Ethics, Empathy, Exploration/Exploring